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Jennifer Lopez in Giambattisa Valli, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture, Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture and Julianne Moore in Tom Ford.

As always, the Golden Globes remain one of the best red carpets of the year to watch because the stars tend to be less reserved and have more fun with their choices than we often see at the Oscars when the pressure is so huge. We saw many great looks this year at the Globes – some unexpected and debatable ones – and then there was Katy Perry. Which was pretty much universally panned. 

Jennifer Lopez in Giambattisa Valli

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

I don’t care what any one says about the colour, the dress was incredible. Beautifully cut, glamourous and luxurious. Loved the half cape and the draping. And a nice change from all the other sheer, nude, sparkly dresses we’ve seen Lopez in many times before. The whole look was lovely and chic. And that lipstick with the mustard yellow colour was totally killer.

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior Haute Couture

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Lawrence wore a similar red column Dior Haute Couture dress to the Oscars in 2014 but this one was way more fresh and suited her personality. Although I’m not usually a huge fan of cutouts, they worked well with this particular design. And her statement diamond Chopard necklace (with a 156.77-carats) was insane and practically stole the show. Hands down the night’s best piece of jewellery.

Cate Blanchett in Givenchy Haute Couture

Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Many fashion insiders thought Blanchett’s Givenchy fringe gown was one of the night’s best. I definitely did. Did you see the way it moved?! It’s what we’ve come to expect from the talented star on the red carpet – incredibly elaborate and artistic gowns that aren’t meant for everyone. She sees fashion as art and this dress is no exception.

Julianne Moore in Tom Ford

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Loved the midnight blue colour. Loved the sequins. Loved the neckline. Loved the sleeves. Loved it all. SO CHIC. When Tom Ford is your date for night, you’d expect to show up in a dress that impresses and stands out from the rest. And now I want a midnight blue sequin blazer.

Taraji P. Henson in Stella McCartney

Photo credit: Kevork Djansezian/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty

Henson looked lovely in this simple white column dress with a long train. It was a cool choice considering the character she won for wears such sexy and loud clothes. But I thought she maybe was trying a little too hard with the poses on the red carpet. That’s what Jennifer Lopez has mastered. She’s a major poser without totally overdoing it.

Lady Gaga in Atelier Versace

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

This was an impressive dress and better than we often see from Versace on the red carpet – especially when it comes to Hedi Klum. But I liked her black Brandon Maxwell gown and the way she was styled way more at the Emmys in September. The whole look that night was less stiff and didn’t feel as forced. But the exaggerated hourglass silhouette was well done. Very old-school Hollywood.

Jane Fonda in Yves Saint Laurent Couture

Credit: John Shearer/Getty

Some people hated this white, long-sleeve Yves Saint Laurent Couture dress by Hedi Slimane but I liked it. Not just because it was Jane Fonda but the dramatically ruffled neckline reminded me of 80s couture and something Yves Saint Laurent himself or Emanuel Ungaro would have created back in the day. When fashion was super over-the-top, luxurious and elaborate. Those were the days…

Brie Larson in Calvin Klein

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Larson’s had a big year and was one of the night’s big winners (Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama). And this embellished Calvin Klein dress with cutouts was definitely eye-catching. I loved the material and the detail of the neckline but would’ve done without the cutouts.

Kate Winslet in Ralph Lauren Collection

Photo credit: John Shearer/Getty

Sure there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with this royal blue Ralph Lauren Collection column dress but there’s nothing exciting about it either. And I’m not a fan of that neckline. But Winslet seems pretty laid back and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care all that much. She probably gets a dress, quickly tries it on and if it fits, she’s like, “Fine, let’s go with it. Moving on.”

Viola Davis in Marchesa

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

I love Viola Davis and I read this dress was really beautiful in person but it wasn’t my favourite. It was so ballgown-y. It looked like one of those huge dresses a really wealthy older lady would wear to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills. Or Palm Beach.

Kate Hudson in Mickael Kors

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

I was surprised this was Michael Kors. And a sparkling peach choker, bra top and long skirt is never a good idea. At this point, we all know Hudson has an incredible figure but this particular looked seemed cheap and dated, and looked like something Pamela Anderson would’ve worn in the 90s. I’m pretty sure that’s not what she was going for.

Rooney Mara in Alexander McQueen

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

This blush gown was interesting in how it was stylishly distressed but because of her skin tone, you could barely make out any of the details. And that’s a shame when it’s an Alexander McQueen dress. I liked her tied-back hair and lipstick though. But Mara seems so precious and like she takes herself WAY too seriously. I bet she’s zero fun to hang out with and probably often uses words like “erroneous” and “summer” as a verb.

Katy Perry in Prada

Photo credit: Jason Merritt/Getty

Let’s end this year’s recap with the look that pretty much everyone thought was unfortunate. First of all, can’t Prada do better than a super low-cut cleavage bearing pink taffeta dress? Second, who told Perry wearing a Bumpit in her hair was a good idea?! Third, WHY WAS SHE THERE??

That’s all folks. Award season has officially begun so keep your eye out for many more red carpet recaps!

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