Legendary Fancy Versace Mansion Sells For $41.5 Million


The famous Versace mansion on Miami’s prestigious Ocean Drive, sold recently for 41.5 million to the to a business group that includes the owners of the Jordache denim label. The price seemed like a bargain considering the home was originally listed for $125 million in June 2012 then later reduced to $75 million. The 23,000-square-foot notoriously opulent home, known as Casa Casuarina, has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a huge courtyard and a 54 foot-long pool lined with 24 karat gold. Gianni bought the home at the height of his fame in 1992. He apparently spent 33 million on renovations and added another wing. Sadly the home is also the location of the legendary designer’s tragic murder when he was shot on the front steps in 1997. The Versace family sold the property three years later.  Continue reading “Legendary Fancy Versace Mansion Sells For $41.5 Million”

Cool (And Fancy) Bracelets for Men at MR PORTER

Balenciaga wrapped creased leather bracelet ($165)

I’ve long been a major fan of men’s bracelets – if fact I’ve been known to say “A man can never have too many plaid shirts – or bracelets.” And one my favourite new spots online to find new and cool ones is at MR PORTER – which is definitely one of the best men’s fashion sites out there. Not only do they have an incredible selection of clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts, they do some pretty cool editorial stuff as well with sections like “The Look” and “The Journal”. Their bracelet selection includes luxury brands like Balenciaga, Luis Morais, Saint Laurent, Lanvin and Bottega Veneta and more affordable ones like Folk and Miansai (of which I already have a couple and could for sure use a few more). And they do a great job in their description of each piece, including clothing suggestions on what you can pair each bracelet with.  Continue reading “Cool (And Fancy) Bracelets for Men at MR PORTER”

Dean Davidson Trunk Show at Holts

Sliced CuffMy good buddy Dean Davidson is having a truck show at Holts during December. And I was supper flattered that he asked me to go and represent the line and talk about the pieces yesterday. It was fun to chat with all the jewellery sales associates about the specifics of the line and talk about every piece in detail. It was awesome – I felt like I was totally in my element. Dean’s line is modern, dramatic and super good looking. His latest collection was influenced by his love of architecture. All the pieces are a soft brushed metal, which is Dean’s signature. The shapes are clean, linear and super flattering. Continue reading “Dean Davidson Trunk Show at Holts”

Because a Fancy Fruit Should Never Come Home From a Trip Without a New Bracelet – Miansai bracelets

When I was in Toronto this past weekend, my friend and I were wondering around Yourville and we discovered Serpentine on Hazelton Avenue. It’s a cool men’s store with some really unique jewelry, including one of my favourite lines,  Miansai by Michael Salger. I tried on a few different styles but ended up with the hook bracelet. I like it because you can wear it as a bracelet or a neck lace or – well whatever you want pretty much. You could even hang it from your messenger bag and it would look hip.  My other super tough bracelet made from climbing rope and a bullet is also from this line. Totally boyish. Totally tough. That’s me.  Continue reading “Because a Fancy Fruit Should Never Come Home From a Trip Without a New Bracelet – Miansai bracelets”