Cinco de Mayo Style For The Guys

Bright colours and bandanas  for Etro’s spring/summer-2014 menswear campaign.

CINCO2015 is tomorrow night and guys should have fun embracing the Cinco de Mayo look. When thinking of traditional Mexican inspired men’s fashion, sombreros, ponchos, traditional matador uniforms and mariachi band outfits immediately come to mind. And unlike some of the Cinco de Mayo-inspired women’s looks (colourful dresses, flowers, big and bold accessories – a la Frida Kahlo ), some customary Mexican looks for men can be slightly harder to interpret. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Last year, Italian label Etro designed a whole collection celebrated the unique Mexican aesthetic with an awesome and sexy collection.

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More than 10,000 Votes Later, The Golden Girls LEGO Set Could Actually Happen!

Golden Girls Lego

BEST. NEWS. EVER. Two of my all-time favourite things are coming together. After receiving a lot of online media attention yesterday, the incredibly detailed fan-made Lego set of The Golden Girls impressively got the 10,000 votes it needs on the Lego Ideas site (where Lego fans create and submit ideas for future Lego sets) for Lego to now consider it for production. If it passes the necessary tests for playability and safety, it could become official Lego merchandise in the near future. And I’ve never been so excited – about anything.  Continue reading “More than 10,000 Votes Later, The Golden Girls LEGO Set Could Actually Happen!”

Getting Tough & Fancy for the CORE’s New Ad Campaign

Casey Wagar

A few weeks ago, I was asked to be in a new ad for the CORE (Calgary’s awesome downtown shopping centre) along with model Lauren Barrie, of The Nobles (below). And I course I said yes because it’s all about new and fun experiences. The campaign promotes the CORE’s parking services, which include complimentary valet parking (applicable parking fees apply) and free parking after 4 pm on weekdays and Saturday and Sundays.  Continue reading “Getting Tough & Fancy for the CORE’s New Ad Campaign”

Fancy And Cool Jewels For 2015 – Some Of My Faves


‘Tis the season for shiny and sparkly things – and jewellery certainly falls into that mix. And let’s face it, jewellery makes a great Christmas gift because it’s nice to enjoy in the New Year. I’m pretty much always on the lookout for nice jewellery and the holidays are a perfect time to do it. Whether it’s elegant and fine jewellery or contemporary and chic, I’m a fan. And great jewellery isn’t just for the ladies. While there’s a growing number of awesome jewellery lines geared specifically for men, I think both men and women should wear whatever kind of jewellery they want – whoever it’s intended for. Below are four jewellery lines I think are particularly fancy or cool – or a bit of both – for the New Year.  Continue reading “Fancy And Cool Jewels For 2015 – Some Of My Faves”

Velvet Blazers – Perfect Look for Fancy Dudes Over the Holidays

Pucci designer Peter Dundas at The New York Ball

Holiday season is upon us and that means figuring out what to wear to all the fancy holiday parties. When I saw this photo of Peter Dundas, creative director at Emilio Pucci,  at a recent event in NYC, I was reminded of the eternal quality of a well-made and good looking velvet blazer. It’s such a classic and distinguished look. And like most classic pieces, you can spend a lot but it’s not necessary. Sure, you can spend thousands for an incredible Givenchy or Saint Laurent velvet blazer but you can also find nice ones more reasonably priced – both Zara and Scotch & Soda currently have great options.  Continue reading “Velvet Blazers – Perfect Look for Fancy Dudes Over the Holidays”

Oscar de la Renta – A Name Synonymous With Elegance

The legendary designer at the finale of his runway show in 1997.

As a lover of all things fancy, I’m well aware that Oscar de la Renta was one of the ultimate lovers – and creators – of fancy clothes. And his lasting influence on fashion is undeniable. The iconic designer passed away on October 2nd at 82, and leaves behind  an incredibly successful and distinguished career.

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Metallic Sneakers – Cool And Fancy

Shiny sneakers
Metallic sneakers clockwise from top right: MARC by Marc Jacobs, ALDO, Lanvin, Vans, Saint Laurent, Miu-Miu and ACNE (middle)

At my recent birthday party (that makes me sounds about 8 years old), a super stylish and lovely friend showed up in the coolest silver Saint Laurent sneakers. I’m a sucker for anything metallic and cool sneakers, and everything this friend wears is awesome so of course I loved them. It got me thinking about fancy sneakers and their growing popularity.  Continue reading “Metallic Sneakers – Cool And Fancy”

Cowboy Couture with Paul Hardy and CS Mercantile

The CS Mercantile concept store at Paul Hardy’s Studio

Canadian fashion designer Paul Hardy has always come up with cool and interesting ways to bring attention to his creations and his unique design aesthetic, while at the same time placing focus on Calgary’s fashion scene. In 2012, the well-known and respected Calgary-based designer brought attention to the city when he celebrated his 10th anniversary and held a legendary weekend-long celebration where fashion insiders from across the country came to Calgary to help celebrate. And this year Hardy is helping to bring a new fashion sense to the Calgary Stampede with CS Mercantile, a range of urban western lifestyle product lines Hardy helped bring together.  Continue reading “Cowboy Couture with Paul Hardy and CS Mercantile”

Jennifer Lopez Gets Fancy With David Gandy


Even though I rarely pay attention to Jennifer Lopez’s music (does anyone?), I’m generally always pretty entertained by her videos. Because she does glamorous and sexy well. And she knows how to play it up. In her latest video, for her new single “First Love”, she stars alongside the biggest male model today, the super sexy David Gandy. She pretty much only wears a super tight white batting suit throughout the video – and she looks awesome. Of course, so does he. While the song isn’t anything special, she makes it for it with the video. It’s pretty hot. Continue reading “Jennifer Lopez Gets Fancy With David Gandy”

Lenny Kravitz Rocks Fancy Shiny Blazer

Lenny Kravitz has a crazy good sense of style. Throughout he’s career, he’s often worn pieces that might be considered pretty feminine (remember the boas from his “Mama Said” days?) but he wears them with confidence and rocks them like a true rock star should. And the same can be said of this incredibly cool shiny black metallic blazer. It’s fancy and super awesome. Like, could a blazer be any cooler? Not every guy would wear I blazer like this but when you see how good it looks on Kravitz, why not? It’s progressive and super stylish. And of course, Lenny keeps it hip and edgy. This particular blazer is Saint Laurent and I can’t find it online but according to the price of other Saint Laurent blazers, I’m guessing it’s at least $2,500. But it isn’t necessary to spend that much to achieve a similar look. Continue reading “Lenny Kravitz Rocks Fancy Shiny Blazer”